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You again?
A glass of nostalgia.
You'll find yourself,
at the bottom.
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Mixed cultures.
Sunrise is living,
Dancing to the seasons change,
Spring has come again.
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Mature content
Case Study 17 :iconsocial-underscore:social-underscore 0 0
Dark Chocolate :iconsocial-underscore:social-underscore 0 6 Reflections :iconsocial-underscore:social-underscore 0 7
Written on the spot.
Tiresome old men, grumbeling inanities across an empty feasting hall. The stench of stale ale fills the room, and light creeps in throu the seems or grand windows, borded up with chipboard. A truely horrific day. The urge to drown oneself in the remaining wine, is the only one worth mentioning amougst such putrid forms, strewn like choice almonds on a value merangue roulade.
I could slaughter every last one of them. And I wouldnt feel the least bit of regret for my actions afterwards. Death for them is a promotion. They should welcome me.
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silouette v2 :iconsocial-underscore:social-underscore 3 3 LD50 :iconsocial-underscore:social-underscore 1 7 Ulnar :iconsocial-underscore:social-underscore 1 7 me upside down sideways :iconsocial-underscore:social-underscore 0 3 Tao guitar :iconsocial-underscore:social-underscore 0 2
Having worked in an Emersion Game Shop, Geoff had seen many a person wanting to escape the harshness of the real world, and live somewhere without these silly troubles of there life.
Never before had he seen anyone this desperate though. "Suicide?" he thought.
"Who commits suicide nowadays. There's pills you can take for that. Or if you like the old fashioned methods just go on an exorcise regime, or go to a shrink."
The man he was talking to was a strange man. Strange because no one could ever remember his name. No one ever noticed his presence, or his absence. He was like a void in other peoples minds. The only reason Geoff was actually talking to him is because he said, "I'm going to kill myself." A strange thing to hear by all acounts.
In fact as soon as Geoff had finished saying his little speech, he turned around and completely forgot about it all. The man shot himself throug the head. The bullet lodged itself in Geoff's thigh.
So he ended up in the hospital, with no idea where t
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A Lesson in Patience
"It comes down to a simple choice. What qualities do you find most admirable in a person?"
Geoff was trying his best to stay calm. Of course he sounded calm, he always does.
"Would you rather be known as a man who has ability, and the ego to go with it. Or as a man who knows his own boundaries. A man who has self control, a wise man, a man who doesn't need to show off. A man with willpower enough to withstand the pressure of society. A man who could prosper whilst under immense pressure."
Geoff wasn't a man who could phrase an elegant, or indeed short sentence.
At least not yet he wasn't.
"A man who knows the true value of life. Who can take pleasure in the simple things. Or a man who can only live on the edge. And is willing to risk everything to look like he has more skill than others."
Matthew was easily tired by his Geoff's ramblings.
"I'm a bigger man than you dad."
Matthew clambered out of the wreckage of the ancient automobile his dad had been so proud to first own. He was the o
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geoff pt2
He had fallen asleep beneath a tree.
A spring morning, not unlike the one on which eithstien had discovered gravity. That's the sort of statement that would make geoff wonder how bloody ignorant everyone else muct have been to what was going on around them.
Its that precise moment, that makes you scared of power. You suddenly realise your entire existence is under the effect of some outside force. Something bigger than you could ever be.
He was not worried.
"I am fearless" thought geoff.
He thought it outloud.
It didn't help. As the bird perched above him was clearly not fearless. And reasured him life could be rubbish, even with no fear.
He rubbed of the nasty white smear. It then blended in well with the look of a forest man he had acumulated.
Sat under the tree for a good 7 hours before falling asleep. And before that even, he was living about the woods. Quite a wildman in his young years.
Time changes things. He knew this as well as any man.
Many things went through his mind whilst
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Geoff's story
"People say I should be a writer, you see."
Geoff was sat on a wooden box, hunched over slightly. He'd spent his life working the mills. It gets that way.
He continued with his husky, slightly Italian voice.
bombs were going of everywhere.
"I I was always very good at telling stories. But I never wrote them down.
Something to do with the way the words formed, and it took to long to write, when my brain was working so quick"
Geoff was very old. The sort of age that 20 years previous would have earned him a place in the Guinness book of records. He still had a good heart beating in him and a pair of legs a race horse would be proud of.
"But I guess it was never to be. I'd always told the ladies I was a writer. They like the creative man"
Geoff had a cough that punctuated many sentences like coughs do in books and movies.
This was one of those moments
" God damn cough! Don't any of you, take up smoking you hear?"
He never smoked. He got the cough from the factory. Part of the redun
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the river in the night :iconsocial-underscore:social-underscore 0 4

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Must-Haves For The Photoshop Digital Darkroom
This article is designed for the person who knows enough about photography to take decent pictures without a manual in hand. A basic knowledge of film processing techniques and Photoshop may be helpful.
Digital darkroom photography, as defined by dA, is the approximation of film and darkroom techniques in digital photography using filters, textures, actions, and other resources, either user-made or stock. By definition, this category includes images composed of only one photo (with the exception of textures); any image containing elements of two or more photos are photomanipulations.
More practically, digital darkroom, in its strictest sense, is doing to a digital photo what could be done to it in a traditional darkroom.
Remember, if you use any stock resources in your digital darkroom work - be it actions, textures, brushes, anything at all - follow the stock providers' rules, and be sure to credit them in your artist's comments
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The Cigarette
It's like strong music, with chair bags, fully grown sundae afternoons in the park,
with your wife device of instrumentation, like music without words of wisdom
pouring from Rodney Dangerfield's mouth of a River Phoenix
rising from its ashes to ashes from dawn to dusk.
           Without its mercy we can not thank, but only be thanked, or try to ask
           for what is only given unto the sun of whoever's sky and die
           will never forgive and forget about how this isn't what I wanted to be,
           when I grew up and over the top of our trench warfare.
Hasten unto the workshop till you drop like flies caught in vinegar,
never having tasted honey, sweetie, darling, baby.
Hatewave, painwave, grainwave goodbye, as we raft on down the river,
like leaves of mus
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Mind Sex
I remember experiencing a piece of your soul at the age of sixteen, gazing into a fresh rain puddle right after the calm of the storm,
you came to me that summer, in the form of a peaceful memory,
mysterious being,
beautiful stranger,
comforting soul,
and you spoke to me in a casual manner,
the way pairs of people would engage in train conversations,
you moved me,
maybe it was the way you told me how you liked cigarettes with your coffee, and how you smiled at me with those cute little dimples, (laughs)
although I can't stand cigarettes, I tolerated your addictions and traded in second hand air, for a moment of zen with you, I remember slowly fingering the smooth edge of your coffee cup,
as you ashed out your cigarette laughing, asking why I was doing so, I replied with the fascination of my eyes, rounding my finger around the edge of your white ceramic cup, just to see if I could make the brown liquid inside
swirl around like the abstractio
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He fails at sleep
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I've been browsing through the artistic nudes gallery today. I'm going to be honest. I like that gallery. Hopefully you know me well enough to know i am not a pervert. If not, feel free to ridicule me till your heart's content.

Anyway. There are a fair few policy violations in that gallery. More than any other i would imagine. Most of which involve a big hard cock. Saddening i know. Forever it seems i have yearned for some good, well shot, tasteful nudity involving the male member. But nay.

I have also noticed a startling amount of PVs involving women touching themselves in a manner suggestive of masturbation. I don't expect these to be removed. I don't want them to be removed. I also think males in similar positions should not be removed. But shown both, which is it likely the GD will remove? I personally doubt any GD, male or female, would remove a playfully suggestive female. But a similar male would likely see the ban hammer.

I guess this journal is just me expressing a wish to see more naked men. I'm sure i had some other points too. I may update this journal later.


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